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How many photographers does it take to change a light bulb?
Just three hundred - one to change the light bulb and two hundred and ninety-nine to hotly debate on the colour temperature, exposure values and lighting angles!

Are you the right photographer for our wedding / event?
I certainly hope so! Please take a look at the examples of the kinds of assignments I've taken on already here, then make your decision accordingly. Some clients have recommended my work and approach here.

How much will it cost to shoot my wedding photographs?
This will depend on the extent of the assignment. I offer various package deal options for Wedding Photography, which are covered in detail on the Fees Page.

For an estimate on the costs of your wedding photographs,
please contact me.

How much advance notice do you require for an assignment?

I prefer two weeks notice in advance of taking on an assignment.

Do you take video recordings of events as well?
  No, my speciality is still photographs and these take up my full attention on assignment.

Do you require a deposit beforehand?
Yes. Please see my Terms and Conditions page

What are your terms of payment?
  A deposit beforehand, plus payment of the agreed-upon balance in full on delivery of the completed job. Details are in my Terms and Conditions.

If we have to cancel our event at short notice, will we lose our deposit?
While I will do my best to be accomodating, bookings cancelled with less than 48 hours notice may forfeit the deposit fee at my discretion. The option to re-schedule the event is usually a possibility, but please check with me on my availability, especially if the change is at short notice.

Who owns copyright of the photographs you take at our special event?
I own the copyright of all photographs I take, but naturally I cede the right to you to reproduce your photographs according to your requirements, once the job has been paid for.
To see the
legal issues surrounding this topic, click here.

How long will it take for me to receive the photographs after the event?
Please allow about four weeks from the date of the assignment to final delivery of the completed job.

We're getting married in Matjiesfontein. Are you able to travel that far to photograph the ceremony?
Yes, but please refer to my Terms and Conditions regarding travel beyond 120 km radius from Cape Town.

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