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TESTIMONIAL 1: Melanie Levin

Kiri's calm and warm nature made it really easy to relax and enjoy both our engagement party and wedding. In all the work he has done for us he has been creative, considerate and unobtrusive. The result being outstanding photo's that capture the feeling of the day beautifully.

Kiri, thank-you for providing the memories of a life time and for all the love,care and effort that you always put into your work.

TESTIMONIAL 2: Brynn Taylor

Kiri did an engagement shoot of me and my fiancé (now wife). The quality of the photos are fantastic and our photography experience was very enjoyable.

Kiri's relaxed and friendly manner really helped us to be relaxed and have fun during the shoot. He was very accommodating of our ideas, but he ultimately knew what would make the best shots.

We would recommend the experience to anyone.

TESTIMONIAL 3: Camps Bay High School

Kiri is the high school's resident photographer - always available with his camera to capture a moment, a day or an event not only at the high school, but often at the preparatory and primary schools as well. He adds an element of "fun" to his photographs, which makes his work interesting and emotive.

Besides expertly covering sporting, cultural and academic events, Kiri has on many occasions provided beautiful images for the front covers and centrespreads of our Camps Bay High School magazines.

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